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Mediate Don’t Detonate


Everyone who has spoken to a family lawyer in Sydney recently will know about the problems with our Court system – “the Sydney problem”. Anyone who has watched the news or had a keen eye on newspapers recently would have a vague awareness that delays in the system are lengthy and unavoidable. This means that children can spend years of their lives caught up in a system that is currently underfunded and viewed with general disdain.

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Why you should answer your lawyer’s emails and phone calls


Often clients involved in a family law dispute become overwhelmed by the process. This is becoming increasingly so with the delays in the Courts and the need to constantly update documents, attend appointments and answer correspondence from the other side.

Some clients become so overwhelmed that they decide it is easier to put their head in the sand than answer a phone call or email from a lawyer seeking instructions or updating documents. This can be disastrous for your case and legal bill.

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