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Why you should answer your lawyer’s emails and phone calls


Often clients involved in a family law dispute become overwhelmed by the process. This is becoming increasingly so with the delays in the Courts and the need to constantly update documents, attend appointments and answer correspondence from the other side.

Some clients become so overwhelmed that they decide it is easier to put their head in the sand than answer a phone call or email from a lawyer seeking instructions or updating documents. This can be disastrous for your case and legal bill.

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Recent Developments In Family Law: Children’s Views In Parenting Matters

Children's views in family law


Bondelmonte & Bondelmonte & Anor [2017] HCA 8

This matter was originally heard by Justice Watts in the Family Court of Australia. The father, who was dissatisfied with His Honour’s decision, appealed it to the Full Court of the Family Court of Australia. His appeal to this Court was dismissed. The father subsequently appealed to the High Court of Australia, and he was granted permission for the appeal to be heard.

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Recent Developments in Family Law: De Facto Property Settlement

de facto property settlement

Chancellor & McCoy [2016] FCCA 53 (25 January 2016)

This matter was heard by Judge Turner in the Brisbane Registry of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. This is a very interesting case where the court delivered a very clear and concise judgement in relation to when and how the court can make an order for a de facto property settlement.

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Congratulations, Thomas!

Thomas Mathews Associate Solicitor at Tiyce

The team at Tiyce & Lawyers and I are thrilled to announce the promotion of Thomas Mathews to Associate Solicitor.

Thomas has been with the firm since May in 2015 and has demonstrated his capacity as a reliable and robust member of our team.

Thomas is detail orientated, always prepared and has a strong reputation as a diligent and proactive practitioner.

We are excited for Thomas, and are thrilled that we are able to recognise his development and growth at the firm.

Congratulations, Thomas!

Michael Tiyce,

Principal, Tiyce & Lawyers

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