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Property settlements & agreements

Negotiating a property settlement or agreement is a potential minefield. It’s essential to seek legal advice beforehand from a law firm that specialises in family law.

Tiyce & Lawyers can advise on your property rights at the beginning and end of a relationship, how to protect your contributions and whether a financial agreement would work for you.

We can also advise on the process for dividing properties after a divorce or break-up of a de facto relationship, the probable outcome of any court proceedings, and the most cost-effective way of making sure you receive your fair share.

None of these issues are simple – and should not be addressed on an informal basis by those who lack the necessary expertise.

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If you have any questions related to property rights in relationships, or need support with your property settlement, agreements or disputes, call us on 1300 084 923 or use the confidential form below:

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