Only 33 more days until Christmas!

By | November 21st, 2019|

At Tiyce & Lawyers we understand the upcoming Christmas period is not always an easy time for families.  The holidays are associated with festivity and fun but for many they can also be a time for disappointment and anxiety.

We know that situations arise during the Christmas and holiday period which will require our expert family law advice and on occasion the intervention of the Family Court system.

The main issues that arise include:

  • Parents or families missing out on spending time with children because there is no enforceable agreement to ensure that time occurs.
  • An unexpected change of circumstances arises such as a late roster which means previous agreements may not be able to be followed and the other parent refuses to compromise.
  • Where a party makes a unilateral decision altering existing arrangements regarding children.
  • If the other parent threatens to deny time with a child.
  • Where there are issues of family violence which arise which also includes emotional and financial abuse.
  • Where a parent wishes to travel with a child overseas but the other parent does not consent.

We can assist you with negotiations to resolve issues which might arise and in some cases and if necessary make an urgent Court application to ensure certainty for you and your children.

Each year the Court system experiences an influx of applications in the lead up to Christmas which can mean an application which is filed late may not be dealt with.  If you are concerned regarding your arrangements or circumstances, please contact one of our family law specialists.

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