Cheating is Cheating – Financial Infidelity

By | July 24th, 2020|

Some call them mushrooms (kept in the dark). The party of the relationship who, although being provided for, doesn’t know how the sausage gets made. It may be all well and good when you are being provided for but financial control can lead to financial manipulation.

Tiyce & Lawyers often unravels the financial complexities parties put in place to deprive their ex-partner of access to financial resources. Accounts in the Caymans, money in TAB accounts or cash under the bed all need to be accounted for when working out your property entitlement.

If you believe you are or have been a victim of financial infidelity you should contact Tiyce and Lawyers. Some signs of such infidelity include:

  1. Missing cash – Your bank account seems lower then you remember!
  2. Joint credit cards no longer working…..
  3. Opening the mail and seeing statements from banks you didn’t know you had accounts with.
  4. Your partner racing you to the mail box and secretive about their emails.
  5. Constant new toys for your partner but you aren’t allowed to treat yourself.
  6. Your partner is defensive or emotional when money is discussed.
  7. Your partner has a change of heart as to your current financial circumstances.
  8. Your partner suddenly becomes generous when you pry into the family finances.

If any of the above 8 factors sound like your relationship, you should contact Tiyce & Lawyers for assistance.

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