Christmas is just around the corner!

By | September 10th, 2020|

We plan for birthdays, holidays, weddings, so why not Christmas?  If you are a separated parent, you need to consider what is to occur with parenting arrangements for the children over Christmas.  This year that will mean the impact that COVID restrictions could have on your plans.

Your planning should include:

  • Will the current arrangements work for Christmas this year?
  • How will we as parents negotiate Christmas time, and if we can’t what do I do?
  • What do the kids want?
  • If the children are in a locked down state at Christmas, how do we adapt to maximise our enjoyment in a distanced way?

Hopefully the first answer to most of the above questions was not “I need to go to Court”.  Courts get busy in the lead up to Christmas, so it’s best to take action soon if you think that is going to be required.

Not everything has to go to Court.  Negotiation and mediation usually results in better outcomes for children and their parents and a reminder, you don’t have plenty of time.  There’s just over 100 days until Christmas!

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