Consider a Charitable Bequest to the RFS

By | January 23rd, 2020|

This is not one of our usual information-filled but chirpy blog posts.  After the last few weeks it just didn’t seem appropriate.

What is appropriate at this time is to remind you that when you are considering preparing a will or making amendments to a current will that it is an opportunity for you to make a contribution towards an issue, organisation or charity that you hold dear.  Gifts to charities in your will can be made in addition to the usual bequests to partners, family members and the like.

Research shows that when asked, a third of Australians say they would potentially include a bequest to a favourite charity, however only one in 12 currently do because lawyers do not ask clients whether they wish to make a charitable bequest.

We have a long history of engaging clients with questions as to charitable bequests.  We are formally engaged with Legacy and regularly draft wills including bequests for animal welfare, political, GLBT, medical and religious institutions.

We have all seen the efforts of the NSW Rural Fire Service in recent weeks and we hope to be drafting wills that include bequests to the NSW RFS.

Make a charitable bequest to the NSW RFS and well waive our fee.

Should you wish to include the NSW RFS as a charitable bequest in any will, Michael will prepare your will without charge.  There might not be such a thing as a free lunch but this is a way to secure a free will.

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