By | March 24th, 2020|

You’re at home. The children are at home. Locked down. You cannot go to the park and your ex keeps demanding the kids.

The Court says half school holidays but it sure doesn’t feel like a holiday. So what is it?

If you have interim or final orders already your lawyers likely told you that drafting is a complex process that requires careful consideration and they were right. All parenting orders are unique. They try to predict and provide for the future when the future is inherently uncertain especially now with COVID-19 closing schools.

Sometimes holidays are defined in orders, other times they are not.

Sometimes holidays are shared, other times the arrangement is more complicated.

Tiyce & Lawyers has assisted many parties review and clarify their orders. It may simply take a discussion between solicitors and additional clauses to provide your children and you certainty into the future.

Our lawyers can discuss your issues over the phone,  FaceTime and pretty much any other medium you name!

We are here when you need us.

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