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The Annual Eastern Suburbs Family Law Group Conference

Once winter rolls in, it is time for Tiyce & Lawyers to head inland to the Blue Mountains for the Annual Eastern Suburbs Family Law Group Conference. Cue the return of my “Blue Mountains” jacket. One so warm, it has no use in Sydney (think Michelin man.)

The conference was held over three days which gave our solicitors plenty of time to network with colleagues and learn from those with experience aplenty in all things family law. We hit the hard topics straight out of the gate addressing the issue of family violence and specifically, the Family Law Court’s approach to violence.

The law is constantly changing

The nature of the law is that it is constantly changing and some judgements handed down by our learned Judiciary alter the law as we know it. Every year, the Conference gives us, as Family Lawyers, the perfect opportunity to reflect on the important judgements over the last year and any significant changes arising from those judgements.

We even had the opportunity to brush up our knowledge of issues we would not necessarily give advice on, for example, the changes in superannuation laws and how that can affect our clients who are conducting family law matters. We heard from experienced practitioners on recent property cases, estates and family law, and even a member of our own team taught the rest of us a thing or two about bankruptcy in family law. Overall, a thought provoking and most importantly, educational day.

Special Guest Speaker

The highlight however came on Sunday when the special guest speaker, a Justice of the Family Court of Australia, addressed us. Being a younger practitioner, I couldn’t help but be in awe of him. The experiences he has faced throughout his years on the bench, the complex issues he has made decisions on and his dedication to justice.

Of course, in any forum such as this, the gaps and inadequacies in our legal system were very much at the forefront. It made each and every one of us really think about how we, as a profession, could help to alleviate the pressures on the Family Court system and our clients.

Australia’s legal system

One thing is clear. We in Australia are fortunate enough to have an excellent legal system. And those who have practiced in other jurisdictions will agree. Take India for example. File an application for property Orders and come back in 10 years!!

The Family Court of Australia is however, under-resourced which has resulted in enormous lists for each member of the Judiciary and delays for parties to proceedings. Certainly a frustration for all involved.

Continuing Education

We at Tiyce & Lawyers believe that continuing legal education is very important and our dedication to our legal education makes us a cutting edge firm with solicitors to suit all of your family law needs. We are always on top of the latest developments in family law because there is no end to education.

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