Everything old is new again

By | August 24th, 2020|

“The Family Courts in Australia are far from typical Court” is the opening line of Ms Whitbourn’s Sydney Morning Herald article titled: The ‘profound shift’ under way in Australia’s family law courts. But why are they so different?

Are the matters more complex? – probably not.

Are the stakes higher? – probably not.

Is there more money involved? – no.

So what makes these courts so atypical?

One could argue it is the volume of applications and the delays having matters heard and resolved (which we have written extensively about)

The newest initiative is a further focus on alternate dispute resolution under a twin-initiative program titled the Lighthouse Project. The Family Court and Federal Circuit Court is adopting technology to triage cases and push suitable matters to alternative dispute resolution.

The current rate for filed cases settling before final hearing is 83%; we shall have to simply wait and see whether the Lighthouse project will clear the backlog of cases and expedite outcomes for matters requiring judicial determination.

Alternatives to Court

Tiyce & Lawyers specialises in all types of alternate dispute resolution including round table, mediation, conciliation conference and arbitration.

Avoiding court and resolving disputes by agreement empowers you to control the outcome.

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