Mediating in a Pandemic

By | April 30th, 2020|

The Chief Justice of the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court (same guy) has released guidelines on how parents should address issues that might arise in the current spatial restriction environment (for Victoria or Queensland, lockdown).  Unsurprisingly, common sense and cooperation is urged.  We have seen disputes emerge even in families that traditionally have been able to manage co-parenting effectively.  Problems can arise:

  • With the closure of contact centres, schools and other venues where changeover should take place;
  • Issues where a parent does not have suitable living arrangements for the current care of their children given restaurants, play centres and cinemas are closed;
  • The closure of State borders and health issues relating to children travelling on public transport. We call that a risk issue!

The Legal Aid Commission has introduced a COVID-19 telephone mediation scheme to assist in dealing with these matters urgently.  Access to the scheme is subject to Legal Aid’s usual eligibility criteria.

If you are not eligible for Legal Aid, our advice is the same.  Use your common sense and cooperate where you can.  Where you cannot, seek specialist legal advice.

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