Property settlement in a pandemic

By | March 25th, 2020|

Property prices – dropping. Superannuation entitlements – halved. Share portfolios – free fall.

80/20, 60/30, 50/50 – parties throw around percentages but the question now more than ever is OF WHAT?

Simply put, no sensible settlement negotiations can occur without a settled balance sheet – in the current economic climate you likely have an “unsettled” balance sheet!

Do not get caught out making an offer you cannot effect, maybe placing the former matrimonial home at risk, receiving less in a super split and jeopardising your own financial security.

Financial disclosure and the obligation to it is ongoing. Your balance sheet is a living breathing entity which needs to be constantly updated and re-assessed. Each offer of settlement, each court event, each financial statement can only be approached through the lens of a clean and settled balance sheet.  You can see we are keen on detail!

If you are considering an offer of settlement or have been made one, be shielded by advice from specialist family lawyers.

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