Reality – The Life of a Graduate Lawyer

By | February 25th, 2020|

Welcome Sam!

Welcome to Sam Beasley, new on our team as a Graduate Lawyer.

How does a typical day as a graduate lawyer look? Over to you Sam!

5:30 AM

With William Camden I believe “The early bird gets the worm!”. My morning routine? A walk to the local gym and a quick work out. There is no better way to instill energy and start the day!

8:00 AM

As any law graduate should, I typically begin my office life with an espresso whilst scrolling through emails and writing down my tasks for the day and greeting Ferdinand. I’m finding this a simple yet effective way to ensure you stay ahead of deadlines. Diarise everything!

8:30 AM

I make my way to the morning meeting. Michael holds a staff meeting every morning to ensure that we are all on track and up to date with tasks, files and deadlines. I find this a great way to bounce questions off senior lawyers with a vast range of experiences and ensure clients are provided accurate and concise advice.

It is also a useful platform to network with other solicitors in the firm and establish strong working relationships. Monday meetings typically run over time. It’s essential to catch-up on everyone ‘s weekend is it not ?!

9:30 AM
I return to my desk and begin drafting a divorce application. A client has emailed overnight and requested some minor amendments be made. Once I have completed the application, I head down to the solicitor running the file and ask them to review the application.

11:15 AM

A new client conference! I find these intriguing. I sit in on the meeting and take notes for the solicitor. This is a great way of applying legal knowledge, it allows me to think legally! What is the problem? What is the legal issue? And more importantly, what are their options?

1:00 PM

After I complete my file note for the new client, I take the opportunity to get away from the office and stroll through Hyde Park for lunch. It’s certainly not a bad way to unwind in the middle of the day, and I find it’s a reset. I feel energised and ready to go for the second half of the day.

2:00 PM

I get back to my office and jump back into the abyss! These tasks often include managing correspondence, research tasks, drafting documents and preparing court documents. It is important to be task oriented. I find working through a list reduces stress and increases productivity. Tick off each task as you complete it, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a task list completed at the end of the day (most days, we are only human!).

4:30 PM

Once I’ve completed the required tasks I engage in continued legal education. I will read the latest notable cases in the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court, and flick through ‘The Act’ to familiarise myself with what the law actually says! Michael keeps talking about ‘the rules’, better get across those too!

5:30 PM

Before I shutdown each day (my computer and myself physically!) I ensure that all emails that require attention have in fact been attended to. This can be a challenge at times, however time management and organisation are critical. Communication with supervisors and clients is one of the most important considerations in good practice. There is also a pesky rule that all inboxes have to be clear by the end of Friday !

6:00 PM

I leave the office and stroll up Crown Street. As a new resident to Sydney, I’m finding Maloney’s Grocer a life saver. It’s far too easy to walk in, grab something fresh from the deli and dinner is sorted, I’m certainly no Nigella Lawson in the kitchen during the week!

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