Securing your future in a pandemic

By | May 11th, 2020|

Last weekend the Sydney property market recorded the lowest clearance rates since 2015 with only 36.3% of properties sold. Partially attributable to the ban on public auctions, there is real concern that people are simply not willing to take the price offered.

Divorcing parties account for close to one in six of home sales in Australia. As discussed in previous editions of the blog due to  the stress Covid-19 is placing of families the rate of divorce is tipped to increase and therefore the sales attributed to divorce are also set to increase.

Parties seeking to maximise returns on investment properties, or their former matrimonial home,  should act swiftly to ensure the best possible price. The family law specialists at Tiyce Lawyers can help negotiate and implement the mechanics of selling your property to maximise your outcomes – it is all about your future financial security.

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