Souped-up Super

By | June 11th, 2020|

“I don’t want to worry about super!” We hear it all the time at Tiyce & Lawyers. “Split the assets, ignore the super and let’s get it done.”

People lose track of the nest egg slowly growing, usually inaccessible (present circumstances not withstanding). Many people just don’t consider the value of super. People also don’t realise that it usually forms part of the net asset pool of two separating parties.

You indirectly contribute to your partners superannuation by supporting them in their career. Why should you miss out on the benefits of 9.5% of their income. In short, you should not.

There are ways to exclude superannuation from a balance sheet, but this is a novel legal argument. If you want to know whether superannuation is included or any other questions, as always:

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