Supervised contact services – sometimes it is about managing the risk

By | July 31st, 2020|

In most cases it is important for a child’s development to maintain a strong relationship with both of their parents and have the opportunity to spend time and communicate with them.

Sometimes parents make this hard.

Drug and alcohol abuse, and rejecting or not receiving treatment for their mental health issues are common examples. Other include the parents engaging in a high conflict relationship – arguing in front of the child at changeover or engaging the child in the conflict.  A parent may have been “off the scene” for a number of years, making it hard for a child to be comfortable with them.

One way of enabling a child to develop a strong relationship with such a parent is engaging a supervised contact service or agency which provides trained staff to supervise time between a parent and a child, or handovers.

Supervised contact centres not only provide a safe place for time between the child and adult to take place, but they can also provide reports which are useful in family law proceedings in showing that a parent and child’s relationship is beneficial and that the child is not at risk of harm in that parent’s care.

There are a number of contact services in NSW, some private and some government funded. The prices of contact can be prohibitive in situations where there is domestic violence and/or child abuse charges as the rates for supervision can increase. Waitlists are often an issue with respect to Government funded organisations which generally are less costly than private services.

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