The Social Media Plague

By | October 6th, 2020|

Are you a Tik-Tokker, Vlogger, Facebooker, or a good old fashioned MySpacer? In any event you must know that your social media addiction, being your favourite forum to vent your frustration, may result in serious difficulties for your family law matter.

The Family Law Act, expressly forbids your fast finger from publishing the gossip of your dispute (salacious or not). It could in fact result in you being ripped away from your favourite bibliotherapy and spending some time behind bars.

Section 121 (1) of the Family Law Act 1975 states that:-

A person who publishes in a newspaper or periodical publication, by radio broadcast or television or by other electronic means, or otherwise disseminates to the public or to a section of the public by any means, any account of any proceedings, or of any part of any proceedings, under this Act that identifies:-

A party to the proceedings;

A person who is related to, or associated with, a party to the proceedings, or is alleged to be, in any other way concerned in the matter to which the proceedings relate; or

A witness in the proceedings;

commits an offence punishable, upon conviction, by imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year.

The desire to update your pen pals and fan base should be approached with caution. Asking a family lawyer for advice may be your best start!

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