Why you should answer your lawyer’s emails and phone calls

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Often clients involved in a family law dispute become overwhelmed by the process. This is becoming increasingly so with the delays in the Courts and the need to constantly update documents, attend appointments and answer correspondence from the other side.

Some clients become so overwhelmed that they decide it is easier to put their head in the sand than answer a phone call or email from a lawyer seeking instructions or updating documents. This can be disastrous for your case and legal bill.

Your lawyer is involved in the matter because you have selected them to assist you through the minefield that is the family law system. We work in the system and are happy to advise as and when required. Believe it or not, your lawyer’s time billing is based on the work involved in getting your matter to a resolution.

The impacts

We are calling and emailing you in order to get instructions, if we have to call, email, write to you then call again with the same question, you are billed for that. No wonder people become overwhelmed right?

There are other significant issues in not responding in a timely manner. Costs, both yours and the other party’s in extreme cases can be in issue. If the other party is forced to commence proceedings because you haven’t been forthcoming in your responses to their request for disclosure or an offer of settlement which has been made, you could incur a costs order. Still not likely but definitely becoming more so with the Court’s backlog.

Keep the Judge happy

Judges also have very little time for parties wasting the Court’s time. This includes not organising things which were ordered on the last occasion, not making offers of settlement, seeking adjournments or attending Court, to appear in front of a Judge and not being prepared.

We, as your lawyers can only do the best with what we have available to us in any circumstance. If the best we have is nothing, surprisingly enough, the outcome won’t be great.

It is actually so much better for you if you return our phone calls, reply to emails and get in touch with us when we write to you asking a question. You aren’t then chased for a response and don’t have an unnecessary pile of questions and paperwork to wade through when you finally do speak to your lawyer.

A quick matter is a good matter, there’s no dispute on that.

Clients need to remember that lawyers are in their corner, we are instructed by you and act for you. You can call us and ask for an update or query how the system works. It is, after all, what we do.

Tiyce & Lawyers, we’re here when you need us.

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