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We specialise in drafting Wills, administering estates and litigation in family provision cases.

Why preparing a Will is important

It is important that all adults, whether they are of high net worth or hold just a small balance in a savings account have a will prepared. To prepare that Will you need sound legal advice from a Will and Estate lawyer who understands the intricacies of estate planning – an area that is increasingly complicated by the rise of blended families where married couples often have children from previous relationships.

Tiyce & Lawyers can guide you through the process and assist you with all aspects of estate planning from a simple will to creating a family trust or testamentary trust in your will.

The process of applying for probate upon your death is also important to ensure your wishes are carried out in accordance with your will. A competent probate lawyer can assist your executors to make the process as smooth as possible to ensure your beneficiaries receive their legacies as you intended.

How we help

At Tiyce and Lawyers, our experienced wills and estates and probate lawyers can provide advice in relation to all aspects of estate planning. Whether it be estate planning strategies for high net worth clients, or preparing a simple will, providing advice in relation to probate applications or even advice if you have been left out of a will.

We can also prepare Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian documents which ensure your wishes are fulfilled should you lose capacity to make medical or financial decisions in your lifetime.

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