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By | June 19th, 2020|

Family violence involves more than hitting.  The Family Law Act has a much broader definition of family violence, including what is called coercive and controlling behaviour.  The impact of this conduct on parents who survive it and their children cannot be underestimated.

A punch might lead to the arrest of the aggressor.  Name-calling, control over money and spending, checking phones, messages, social media, even their partner’s movements rarely lead to arrest.

You think you are holding it together for the children?  Anxiety, substance abuse, hyper-vigilance, disorganisation, other mental health disorders all impact on your capacity to parent.  If your parenting is impacted, then so are your children.

Often this conduct can lead to multiple changes of residence, with associated frequent changes to schooling, or even to home schooling and a loss of connection with family and friends.

How parents parent is a choice.  Some parents choose to parent in a way that is emotionally neglectful and abusive of their children.  That’s right, perpetrators make a choice to be violent.

The kids are okay?  Sure, they may seem resilient. Conduct as described above can result in children experiencing anxiety and other behavioural issues, developmental delays, bed-wetting and difficulty sleeping.  Long term, depression, risky behaviours, eating disorders and issues in their own personal relationships.

If you are surviving family violence, or have the insight to recognise you are perpetrating it, then the choice is yours.  You can fix this.

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