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Alexander Butters is a solicitor at Tiyce & Lawyers. Alex joined the firm in 2019 and has practised exclusively in family law since 2016. Alex previously worked as an associate in the Family Court of Australia assisting Justices Austin and Cleary expeditiously resolve disputes.

Alex attained a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Business majoring in accounting from the University of Newcastle. Alex’s knowledge of accounting assists in understanding complex financial matters and his work with the Family Court provides a unique understanding of judicial reasoning.

Alex is passionate about ensuring outcomes for clients are both financially and emotionally enriching. Alex believes every client’s situation is unique but ultimately the role of a lawyer is to remain objective and provide clear and concise advice allowing clients to make informed decisions at various stages of their dispute.

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Recent Articles by Alexander

De Facto, Night Facto…

October 15th, 2020|

De facto, night facto, the fact that they're facto-ing at all I find repulsive in the extreme.  #kathkimquotes Not all relationships are front and centre. Not all relationships are a matter of public opinion. In an ever public world we deal with clients who are increasingly private. That being [...]

The Social Media Plague

October 6th, 2020|

Are you a Tik-Tokker, Vlogger, Facebooker, or a good old fashioned MySpacer? In any event you must know that your social media addiction, being your favourite forum to vent your frustration, may result in serious difficulties for your family law matter. The Family Law Act, expressly forbids your fast [...]

Everything old is new again

August 24th, 2020|

“The Family Courts in Australia are far from typical Court” is the opening line of Ms Whitbourn’s Sydney Morning Herald article titled: The 'profound shift' under way in Australia's family law courts. But why are they so different? Are the matters more complex? – probably not. Are the stakes [...]

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