Lisa Cooke


Lisa joined Tiyce & Lawyers in June 2019 from a leading South Coast firm where she practised predominantly in family law. Lisa has helped many clients to navigate and settle their family law matters in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. She assists clients with compassion and professionalism to make informed decisions about the division of their property and in the best interests of their children

Lisa is a skilled negotiator in relation to parenting and property issues and is of the view that if at all possible, the best approach is one that does not include a courtroom. When the need arises, Lisa is a capable advocate and represents her clients in the Court with conviction and strength.

Lisa communicates effectively with her clients with empathy while assisting them to identify and work through their legal issues. She understands that a relationship breakdown can be one of the most stressful and unstable times in a person’s life, often fraught with uncertainty and confusion. Lisa’s work in her previous career as a health professional has strengthened her interpersonal skills assisting her to compassionately and confidently guide her clients through the family law process to its conclusion, allowing them to move forward independently and with confidence.

Lisa has worked with clients in many complex parenting and property matters in her role as a family law solicitor. She previously sat on the steering committee of the South Coast Family Law Pathways Network and participated in the Domestic Violence Practitioner Scheme to provide support and advice to those affected by family violence.

Recent Articles by Lisa

Your kids see everything

June 19th, 2020|

Family violence involves more than hitting.  The Family Law Act has a much broader definition of family violence, including what is called coercive and controlling behaviour.  The impact of this conduct on parents who survive it and their children cannot be underestimated. A punch might lead to the arrest [...]

Family violence and the Family Court

May 20th, 2020|

If you thought family violence required physical abuse, then you were wrong. It can include coercive and controlling behaviour, limiting access to money, limiting access to friends, or limiting access to family. It is conduct that causes the family member to be fearful.  It is not unusual for family [...]

Mediating in a Pandemic

April 30th, 2020|

The Chief Justice of the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court (same guy) has released guidelines on how parents should address issues that might arise in the current spatial restriction environment (for Victoria or Queensland, lockdown).  Unsurprisingly, common sense and cooperation is urged.  We have seen disputes emerge [...]

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