Before Your Visit


At Tiyce & Lawyers, we understand and are extremely conscious of the expenses of legal costs and disbursements. We’ll support you by giving a clear and concise estimate of predicted costs.

The key initial step is to prepare before visiting your solicitor, so that the time to assess and organise your matter is reduced. Here’s some advice to help you do this:

  • Please bring a statement to your first meeting which sets out the details of you and your partner, and your children. This will include:
    • The relevant dates of your relationship
    • Living arrangements for you and the children
    • A list of assets and liabilities
    • Details of how you acquired or paid for those assets and liabilities.
  • Provide your solicitor with documents relevant to the case including:
    • Your marriage certificate
    • Any birth certificates for children
    • Copies of correspondence or documents from the other side or their lawyer
    • Copies of any previous Court documents
    • Documents which establish your financial circumstances which could include:
      • Tax returns
      • Pay slips
      • Bank statements
      • Centrelink statements

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