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Tiyce & Lawyers are specialist divorce lawyers who can advise the best process when it comes to separation and divorce.

We can assist you in filing for divorce and subsequently getting a divorce.

No Fault Divorce

If you have simply fallen out of love Australia now has no fault divorce meaning no grounds for divorce need to be proven. Parties can have an amicable divorce however it is necessary for parties to be separated for a period of twelve months prior to filing an application for a divorce.

Filing for divorce

While the form can be downloaded from the court’s website, it is important that it is prepared carefully and in a detailed fashion as details contained within the document can have significant and unintended impacts down the track.

At Tiyce & Lawyers, our team of family law specialists can provide detailed attention and assistance to ensure all the relevant matters are appropriately attended to.

It is important to note that once a divorce is finalised any property settlement between the parties must be finalised prior to the expiration of twelve months without leave.

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