Financial & Prenuptial Agreements

Financial & Prenuptial Agreements

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Contrary to popular belief, in Australia there is no such thing as pre-nups / prenuptial agreements or post-nups.

These are terms that are not legally defined at all. What you know as a prenup, we know as a Financial Agreement.

Parties are able to enter into a Financial Agreement prior to, during, or after marriage under the Family Law Act. These are highly technical documents which we have significant experience negotiating, preparing and concluding to ensure your interests are protected and you can sleep easy at night.

Here at Tiyce & Lawyers we consider ourselves Financial Agreement experts however you can call us “Prenup lawyers” if you like!

We draft documents to help parties avoid court, protect their relationships and their financial interests, to make sure you enter into a financial agreement that offers the best available protection under the current law.

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