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Whatever your needs in relation to children and parenting issues, we can provide a solution, whether you’re discussing child custody matters with your former partner, looking to attend a mediation or considering an approach to the Court.

Following separation and/or divorce, you and your ex-partner can reach agreement in relation to care arrangements for your child either informally with a parenting agreement (known as a parenting plan) or formally with consent orders (orders of the court).

How we help

We can assist in preparing and advising on agreements about arrangements for your children reached between you and your former partner, including issues such as where a child will live, when, and for how long they’ll be with each parent.

If you cannot make those agreements yourselves, we can assist you by negotiating or mediating any disputes, or if required, represent you in Court.

Issues to consider

There are numerous significant issues to consider when making decisions in the best interests of your child.

For example, the Family Law Act doesn’t recognise parental rights such as “Father’s rights” or “Mother’s rights”. In fact, the rights that exist are held by the child, primarily to be protected from harm, and have the benefit of a meaningful relationship with both of their parents.

Did you know we no longer use the terms “full custody” or “shared custody”? We speak about where the child lives and who the child spends time with.

Other significant issues that are taken into account can include travel arrangements, changing a child’s surname and who makes the decisions for the child’s medical and schooling issues. Complexities can arise if there is conflict in the home and if the children have been exposed to a conflict.

These issues require the advice of a specialist family law practitioner.

We also provide representation for children on family law matters.

Specialists in Parenting Agreements

Michael has been recognised in the Doyle’s Guide as a specialist in complex parenting cases.

Tiyce & Lawyers can advise how the law applies to your family circumstances and the likely outcome of any dispute, providing some reassurance during a stressful time.

We’re here when you need us.

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