Plenty of time to organise Christmas? Think again!

By | July 2nd, 2019|

You might think you have plenty of time to make Christmas arrangements including holidays and time with children, but think again!

The period leading up to Christmas can be difficult especially if you have recently separated or arrangements for your children’s time with you are unclear or susceptible to unilateral change by the other parent.

Every year the Family Court system is inundated with applications before the Christmas holidays, often at last minute.  It is regrettably common that parents who cannot reach an agreement file an application at the last minute only to find out that their matter cannot be listed before Christmas.

Our Judges do their best with limited resources, but Christmas applications add further stress to already backlogged Court lists.

If you think an issue might arise regarding arrangements with your children, you need to take steps now.  While the cut-off date for Christmas applications is 8 November 2019 in the Family Court, there is no guarantee filing that late will see you in Court prior to Christmas.

Contact one of our specialist family lawyers so we can assist you negotiate arrangements or attend to the urgent listing of a Court application so you and your children have certainty.

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