COVID-19 and Dividing the Kleenex

By | March 26th, 2020|

We are currently facing a lot of challenges, who knew one of them would be battling the magpies down at the local Woollies!

Toilet paper jokes aside if you and your partner are engaged in negotiations to separate your property, serious issues have arisen that must be taken into account in any negotiations.

From mum and dad operations in the garage or spare room to major employers hiring thousands of people, all business has been affected by the Coronavirus.  This will have an effect on business valuations which will not only have to be updated but will be in a constant state of review.

The pandemic will without doubt have an impact on property that we cannot yet determine.  Will banks reduce lending?  Will you be able to refinance if on the other side you have been employed for only a brief period of time?  How do you sell a house when open houses are the subject of a Government ban?

The ASX has fallen 30% in the past month and superannuation entitlements are in freefall.  The balance sheet that we posted about earlier?  It will be in a constant state of update.  Super splits will be at risk (we have already seen examples of super payments that do not reflect the Court order as a consequence of market activity).

We can provide specialist family law advice on these complex matters.

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We’re here when you need us.

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